A leading practitioner and trainer of other therapists based in Sheffield, specialising in treating complex and challenging issues, using clinical hypnotherapy and tailored talking therapies including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Solution Focused Therapy, IEMT and CBT.

Welcome to the positive hypnosis website which has lots of information that I have learned through my career spanning a whole range of environments including, addiction rehab centres, psychiatric centres, specialist hospitals, schools, refuges and within the community too.

This website can help you to learn about your own condition but also about the type of support I can offer to help to treat your condition or that of someone you love. I work with a wide range of conditions and can offer a treatment package dedicated to highlighting your individual skills, raise your confidence and also your ability to live independently and successfully beyond treatment. I treat people throughout the world using Skype and locally in Sheffield face to face either in your own home or at my therapy suite in S10.

Free help and advice for anxiety, addiction and depression

My site has lots of free and useful tools across the site to deal with anxiety, addictions and depression. If you want more help dealing with these conditions which includes, severe anxiety, phobias, panic or OCD; Addictions to substances such as alcohol, cocaine or heroin and behaviours like gambling, and eating disorders or depression then call me to find out how best to move forwards.

Highly experienced therapist

As an experienced therapist with over 20 years experience working with people to reach their goals. I offer safe and confidential treatments for a range of issues. Working together we can identify precisely the support you need and using therapy, positive hypnosis and specialist confidence boosting and motivational techniques, work to make changes so that help people think differently, feel differently, act differently and also look differently.

Aftercare to help if you need extended support

After you have had a course of therapy you are supported by optional follow up support to help you adjust to your new way of living.

Treating the person not the condition

Treatment will be geared to support your individual needs. You may be seeking support for anxiety, depression or addictions and I will tailor the work to meet your individual needs. This means that you will have a unique experience addressing the causes not only the symptoms of your condition which can equip you to be able to deal with issues of the past but also to be skilled and resilient to deal with the challenges of your future.

Private, Professional, Caring and Confidential Treatment

I offer private one to one and group hypnosis treatments for a range of conditions across Sheffield in consulting rooms. I specialise in anxiety, addiction and depression. See my treatments page for more details or contact me if you have any queries.


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