A smoke free future – what benefits could you be experiencing

My thoughts are all about quitting smoking, not for me of course but for my clients and the many people who gave up on the 1st January and have now given up giving up!

I want to spread the word on the health benefits that you could be experiencing in the first three months of quitting

•  10 days

Cravings drop to twice daily and tend to be less intense and less enduring. Cravings may still be present but you are now over a week since any nicotine was in your system, you are not addicted but need to build a new habit. New habits take up to 66 days to develop so from here on in it is about enjoying observing the evolving benefits.

•  10 days up to 2 weeks

Cravings almost totally subsided. Recovery continues in your body too. Blood circulation in your gums is now similar to that of a non-smoker.

•  2 to 4 weeks

Mood changes associated with quitting such as anger, stress and anxiety should end now, the benefits will massively outweigh the minor irritations.

•  21 days

Brain acetylcholine receptor counts have returned to levels of non-smokers.

Help a friend or colleague who you know is quitting

•  3 weeks up to 3 months

Physical changes include circulation improvements and feeling more energised, with activities like walking becoming easier and enjoyable.

•  2 weeks up to 3 months

Your life is now materially being affected by those changes as your heart attack risk drops.

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