Training The Professionals


Throughout my career I have worked in groups. I am a confident professional facilitator, who can offer group training.

I am available to offer bespoke training on addiction, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy and more.

I offer business management focused workshops.


  • Do you have a management group that could benefit from positive thinking, reframing and priority setting.
  • Do you have a significant event happening in your company that you would like the team to be more prepared for.
  • Does your team need motivational exercises such as Act as if, If it only takes a minute, then do it! and The Ten Minute Blast
  • I offer practical courses, involving interactive discussions, useful group work and take away exercises


Contact me to discuss your thoughts and needs for a bespoke workshop. You provide the colleagues (8-12), the venue and the lunch and I will provide a tailor made course to meet the needs of your team.


I am currently working with Drugtrain who deliver high quality training solutions equipping people with the skills and knowledge to enable those affected by drug and alcohol problems to achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life.

They use creative, engaging and motivating techniques that equip the workforce with recovery and outcome focused interventions and systems.

Drugtrain is a wholly owned SOCIAL ENTERPRISE of the charity, Next Choice. Any profits of Drugtrain are used to further the aims and objectives of the parent charity.


The next course that I will be facilitating is Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI is an approach to working with individuals who are resistant to changing their behaviour. Done well, Motivational Interviewing is a core skill for moving people into recovery. It is effective with a wide range of behaviours; it's a client-centred, directive method for enhancing the person's inner motivation to change.

This two-day course will introduce the principles and concepts underpinning Motivational Interviewing and then ask the participants to apply these principles to working with people exhibiting challenging behaviours.

People attending the training will gain an understanding of the spirit of Motivational Interviewing and the techniques used. Skills practice in a secure and confidential environment will enable learners to practice and develop their Motivational Interviewing skills even further.

The Course Covers

  • Explain the principles of Motivational Interviewing
  • Understand the spirit of Motivational Interviewing
  • Demonstrate the spirit of Motivational Interviewing
  • Discuss the traps to avoid when using Motivational Interviewing
  • Describe a range of techniques from Motivational Interviewing
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of a range of Motivational Interviewing strategies in helping people to change, in particular practice:
    • Raising ambivalence
    • Rolling with resistance
    • Gaining commitment to change
  • Apply the theory and skills of Motivational Interviewing in current practice

Stress and Anxiety Management for recovery

Sustaining their recovery often generates overwhelming emotional challenges, and greater understanding of these emotions and how to manage and reduce them with simple-to-implement tools can rapidly impact on the rate of progression and the sustainability of the service user’s recovery.

This one-day course is designed to increase practitioner skills and knowledge around understanding the needs of service users with high stress and anxiety levels, and effectively working with them to cascade the tools learnt in the course to achieve greater treatment goals.

This course is suitable for anyone who works directly or indirectly with those on a recovery pathway including substances, gambling, eating disorders, and self harm.

The course will also offer tools and techniques for practitioners to manage their own experience of anxiety and stress and can include:

  • Drug workers
  • Gambling support workers
  • Social workers
  • Housing workers
  • Youth workers
  • Mental health practitioners

By understanding the difference between the two and having greater awareness of personal stress and anxiety, this course will also upskill workers in self managing their own wellbeing.
This course has been designed to give you lots of take away practical tools to apply immediately in your practise and also to share with service users to make them more emotionally self sufficient and resilient.

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