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I am experienced, highly trained, insured professional and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, The National Council for Hypnotherapy, The National Council of Psychotherapists and a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Hypnosis Tariff

Free initial telephone contact up to 30 minutes free

It is vital that hypnotherapy is right for you before you invest time and money. But it is also equally important that I am the right person to deliver your treatment. So I offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss your needs and give you the information you need to make an informed choice about the right treatment for you..

I can also offer complete information email and so if you are not comfortable making phone calls please email dave@positive-hypnosis.info and I will offer a full reply to save you making any phone calls as you investigate treatment options.

Initial Assessment

Initial sessions will range from an hour to 90 minutes - All sessions including initial assessment from £120.

Hypnosis Appointments

All other appointments £80 per 1 hour session.

Complex Treatments

Dealing with Complex treatments such as Self Harm, Eating issues, Gambling Issues, Alcohol Addiction, Drugs Dependency, Severe Anxiety and Trauma may need a flexible approach to help you to fully recover from your issue. I may need to use intense therapeutic work to help you to access the underlying issue.

This work would typically involve far less hypnosis and more intense targeted out of trance therapeutic work combining Psycho-dynamic work, CBT, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Solution Focused Therapies to raise your awareness, give you new coping strategies and support you to adopt these in order to reach a full recovery.

  • Complex Therapeutic work charged at the rate of £120 per session.
  • Complex sessions are 60 minutes.

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