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The British pub industry crisis

How did Carol Smilie, Lauren Llewellyn Bowen & Alan Titchmarsh cause the crisis in the British pub industry?   One … Read More

The weight is over

The Best weight management technique and my former self See what I used to look like before losing weight

The secret to beating your addictive behaviour

  Have you found yourself in a loop or cycle of unhelpful behaviours? Different people get into different loops of … Read More

Guilty Pleasures

first published at Sobersitas.com 8.6.2014   Guilty Pleasures By Dave Kneeshaw You know when things are turning around with the … Read More

Why lapse is not always such a bad thing.

(First published at Soberistas.com 8.6.2014)   Why a Blip Can Be a Good Thing By Dave Kneeshaw How many times … Read More

Is your world making you fat?

You are what you eat is the mantra for the new millennium.   So does that mean food choices are … Read More

From addiction to loyal friends

Today I get to meet up with one of my old addiction clients whose life has worked out just as … Read More

Can you think yourself fitter – A new treatment for Fibromyalgia

The days before modern medicine people got ill and died or they got on with coping with whatever they were … Read More

Why drinking is the sensible thing for alcoholics to do

Ever wondered why an alcoholic drinks when they know that it does not help them? Do you think maybe they … Read More

Panic on the streets of London…and every where else in the world it seems

During my days working in rehab it was common to see these beautiful human beings who were so fragile due … Read More

You should never meet your heroes in case they disappoint

I was at a hypnotherapy conference #NCH last week eager to hear the thoughts of a couple of psychology and … Read More

A smoke free future – what benefits could you be experiencing

My thoughts are all about quitting smoking, not for me of course but for my clients and the many people … Read More

Beating low self esteem with spirituality – finding your path

Low esteem comes from a poor sense of self. To beat this an individual needs to feel complete. Self esteem … Read More

Does watching TV cause weight gain??

TV watchers eat up to 25% more food later By being unaware of what you have eaten because of being … Read More


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