Depression Treatment


Depression patients have a range of options. Using hypnosis to treat your condition can offer you an effective way forward out of your depressive symptoms because hypnosis can access a range of specialist psychological talking therapies and well being coping strategies. When people talk about depression it is often labelled as if it is a permanent condition with the only treatment options being acceptance and reaction to fluctuating scales of symptoms. Using effective therapy through the range of techniques used with hypnosis can and does make a huge difference to some people to better respond to their depressive symptoms.

Although I am based in Sheffield, S10. I can offer effective treatment for depression via skype and face time, locally, nationally and worldwide.


Combination talking therapies designed to address your unique needs

Hypnosis treatment for depression will include the use of a range of therapies to support you to break the cycle of your depression including CBT, Solution focused Therapy, NLP, all geared around building positive thinking patterns, motivation and long term change to limit the lifestyle conditions which allow depressive triggers to evolve and instead have a balanced effective and fulfilling lifestyle.


Depression Hypnosis will also give you practical tools to build and maintain motivation

The Sheffield depression hypnosis service will also give you effective tools to build motivation to get active, when you feel most under-energised. I will help you to find positive approaches to build instant motivation and also to build strategies whilst you have good mental health to prepare so that when episodes of depressive symptoms are evolving you are able to respond immediately instead of being consumed by the lethargy, apathy and sense of hopelessness typically experienced by depression patients.


What are the physical symptoms of depression which can be treated with hypnotherapy?

Depression has many connected physical effects. The effects of depression are unique to each individual but can include a physical tension within the muscles, general feeling of exhaustion and weakness, sleep deprivation despite feeling tired. Poor appetite and this despite for some people snacking constantly, usually out of boredom. This can be evidenced by poor skin, weight gain, greater sluggishness and poor personal hygiene to the extent specialist care may be needed to treat personal neglect.

How hypnosis can help with the physical effects of depression?

Specialist hypnosis for physical conditions can be integrated into your treatment programme to include:
  • Relaxation programmes to unwind your muscles and release the tensions within your body, once calm and relaxed.
  • Sleep hypnosis, can be incorporated to reawaken your body’s ability to sleep soundly.
  • Eating hypnosis can be used to help rekindle your appetite and to use that to enjoy the nutrition rich foods so that you are physically nourished and balanced. This will help to manage those poor energy levels
  • Energising hypnosis, can be used to help you to want to be more active and motivated to stay active.


What are the emotional symptoms of depression which can be treated with hypnotherapy?

Feeling depressed can have a severe impact on many aspects of your mental health. You  mental health and personal well-being may experience low mental energy, poor motivation, fear, paranoia, guilt, negative self talk, a sense of hopelessness, feelings of emptiness, regret and poor self confidence. How sever your condition is impacts on how intensely you experience the degree that each aspect of your mental well-being is impacted by your condition.

How my Sheffield depression hypnosis service can help with the emotional effects of depression?

Hypnotherapy can help you to fully recover from depression by directly treating many of the emotional symptoms of depression. Using clinical hypnosis, NLP, CBT and a range of other stand alone talking therapies Sheffield Depression Hypnosis will target:

  • The sense if hopelessness commonly experienced by many people.
  • The lack of drive and energy.
  • The low libido.
  • The distorted thinking.
  • The anger.
  • The sense of confusion.
  • The feeling of emptiness.
  • The lack of aspiration.
  • The lack of motivation.
  • The low self esteem and low confidence.
  • The social phobia and isolation.

What tools and new ways of thinking will clinical hypnotherapy give me?

Hypnosis is a highly effective treatment for many emotional conditions and can help with many of the symptoms of depression. Clinical hypnosis can help to:-

  • Raise your self esteem so that you feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Personal motivation growth so that you can get more out of life.
  • Resilience building, so that you can deal with difficulties in your life much more effectively.
  • Think positively. Using NLP  to give you the skills to see the opportunities that surround you on a daily basis instead of seeing those same circumstances as threats.
  • Feel more confident, using both hypnosis and CBT to do more instead of churning over situations in your head until you are exhausted.
  • Have more resilience in times of difficulties.
  • Self awareness can be developed using therapy so that you are prepared for any times in life where you need to manage your mental health.
  • Organised. Hypnosis can help you to become more organised at managing time and events, making you more effective in your life and less stressed.
  • Assertiveness techniques and general assertiveness can be developed during treatment. These are vital skills to get what you need and want. a major cause of depression is failing to have our needs met. But also to feel fulfilled we also have to have our needs and some of our wants met.
  • Stress management. Deal better in times of stress and manage the situation to limit the amount of stressors in your life instead of feeling overwhelmed
  • Anxiety management so you will no longer worry about things you have no control over. by using NLP and CBT negative thinking can be replaced by a more useful way of thinking which will give you a greater sense of your own potential and you will feel very different, positive, unburdened and able to think and much more like you really want to.

Depression treatment is highly effective at treating your symptoms and the underlying cause of your depression. Clinical hypnotherapy will help you to change how you think so that you are able to think more positively and experience the world in a much more motivational way. This will allow you to feel more confident more capable and free you up to  act differently and move on to reach your own potential, living a much more complete and fulfilling life. More info on how Sheffield depression hypnosis service can be so effective as a treatment for you.

Some conditions have a history of lapse and relapse where the symptoms emerge and re-emerge as intensively as they have done before. With skilled management and self awareness the likelihood and intensity of any condition can be planned for and new coping strategies employed such that the depressive episodes are less frequent and less intense. During my career I have worked with people who on completing their treatment have used effective coping strategies so well that they have been discharged from a ll medications from their GP and continue to live without depression or depressive illness. Instead they live complete and fulfilling lives and are able to cope with the range of challenges a full life presents. I will give you the tools to recognise the signs of any failing health and have the skills and stamina to manage this so that it does not resume.

Hypnosis can have a rapid change in treating your current condition. You should expect to start feeling differently during the first couple of sessions.

This treatment is only sustainable if you start to fully engage with the treatment and take the therapy beyond the therapy room and adopt the changes suggested within the therapy room. Depression is about a feeling of lack of control compounded by lack of motivation, vision, expectation and energy. Simple changes can address this.

Use hypnosis to make those first tentative steps to lasting recovery.

Overall then, Sheffield depression hypnosis can support you to make significant changes. I will work in conjunction with any medications you use and support you with you GP to get you back where you want to be.

Need more specific information?

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Depression is a condition which is debilitating and life sapping. At some point in our lives around 10% of the population will experience this and it can stem from many sources.


It can develop from a traumatic experience, from childbirth, from heightened pressures in life such as debt, loss, or ongoing illnesses but at times the origins of the condition are not immediately identifiable. Not properly treated this condition can be a long term and life limiting condition.  Despite this treatment can be rapid and effective. Even after years of enduring depression I have been able to lift people out of this within a couple of months.


For over a decade now I have worked in a range of different treatments settings including specialist units, rehabilitation centres and community settings whilst engaged in treating  patients who have presented with depressive conditions. Using my support I can help you to break free from this depressive cycle and help you to reconnect with your skills and independent coping strategies so that you can return to a fulfilling and complete life again.


How can therapy help you move forwards

I use a range of talk therapies including solution focused works, CBT, IEMT, NLP which combined are used to help you move forwards. We work to identify the immediate issues that are keeping you stuck and systematically address each one whilst also doing pieces of work that you may not be initially aware of there impact but rapidly they come together to change how you feel. this will is cemented by hypnosis to help you operate and feel the way you want to. Most people report feeling different within a couple of sessions whilst others report an immediate impact that is sustained.


How can Hypnotherapy treat a depressive condition?

Hypnosis can have a rapid and profound impact on some depressive conditions. One common aspect of this condition is the experience of being emotionally stuck and unable to break a cycle of being and feeling stuck, unmotivated, negative and having no ability to "shake off" this feeling. Hypnosis in conjunction with specific talking therapies and related work can break that cycle quickly and help you to build quickly forwards. Using hypnosis you can learn to understand how to recognise symptoms early and change any behaviours that can contribute to poor mental health so that you no longer experience these episodes in the future. For more information on the use of hypnotherapy and depression read this article.


How can self hypnosis help me with mood management?

As part of your treatment I can support you to develop self hypnosis skills which you can use to curtail any negative feelings before they become all consuming. Learning to self manage your condition will be both essential for your future but equally empowering right now. Self hypnosis for depression is a very effective tool and using to master this will aid your control and understanding of how your condition emerges and can be prevented.


Prognosis for depression treatment

Many clients I have worked with have learned to manage their conditions so effectively that they have left their experiences of depressive conditions behind them. After a relatively short time many clients have had discussion with their doctors about reviewing their medications. Once they apply these tools they are able to make a completely full recovery and live independently free from entrenched mental health issues and medication free.

Beat Low Self Esteem by finding positivity every day.

Low self esteem can undermine any thoughts of changing, even before you have done anything to try to change. One of the simplest and easiest ways of growing your confidence is learning to be positive and pat yourself on the back everyday. The One Thing You Have Learned Technique is a cost free tool which I teach my clients to value themselves and put the foundations in place to start those changes as soon as they come into therapy.


This simple out of trance hypnotic technique helps you see and experience the world in a more positive perspective, which in turn gives you the drive and self esteem to take on the challenges which have held you back so far. Each day find time to positively reflect, by asking yourself to identify one thing you have learned plus one thing you have done well.


Find positivity in your day

By making time to find positivity in your day, your thinking will become more positive and still remain realistic giving you the mental resources to make positive changes and the resilience to maintain those changes when times get difficult.


Reflective techniques do not have to be arduous. This technique is really effective at identifying the things that you should be proud of every day. People with low self esteem and a negative view of themselves have learned to reject or ignore anything that they could and should celebrate about themselves and this simple and easy to maintain therapeutic tool is excellent at reigniting that passion for valuing yourself and building your self esteem.


Self esteem is an essential ingredient to successful changes, whether you want to beat addictions, lose weight, address a depressive condition or want to end self harming.


Use tools that help you reflect on your successes honestly

Challenging your low Self esteem using by growing your own confidence is vital to find the emotional resources to keep your motivation going for the full 66 days in order to reach your goals. During that period there will be knocks to your confidence or your plans and it is the ability to source the resilience to keep the changes going.


Using the One Thing I Have Learned tool forces you to recognise that your day has helped you to grow. When people first use this tool they anticipate learning something very big or an academic type of learning. The purpose of this question is to be aware that had you not been present in the world today then you would not have learned something that you learned today. This can be as simple as someone’s name, their age or a hobby that they have. The tool is to recognise that unique to this day you have had an experience that you can share with others. This tool therefore allows you to have a point of personal growth but also gives you something to talk about to others as you grow your social resources.


One thing I have learned technique

After answering the One Thing I Have learned question you should answer The One Thing I Have Done Well question, which is again, unique to you and again it's purpose is to notice your own place in the world. The things that we can celebrate about ourselves should only be things that we value so if we have turned up on time, an issue for some addicts, have kept to our eating plan, an issue for those on weight management plans, or asked someone a question, a target for those who are working on their social anxiety then we can use that to celebrate our success today.


To further support this work these positive events can be added to our success diaries and can be integrated into goal setting and small step approaches to change.


Repeated practise of these tools will rapidly grow self esteem and build the resilience and confidence to work on other more demanding life issues.

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Make that first step to change and together we can make your life manageable, enjoyable and fulfilling.


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