If you wanted to practise self hypnosis, learn to hypnotise yourself by building your own hypnosis script by following these instructions. Record this script on either a CD or MP3 recording device and add in the suggestions or another script to help you make long term changes.


This script will help you to enter a trance state and also exit it using the last section. You can use this to address issues such as addiction, gambling anxiety, weight management and any other issues which needs to change your behaviour or your thinking patterns… just slot in the appropriate suggestions and scripts at the point where it says Read Script here. The dots indicate how many seconds you should pause for before you carry on reading. Use a calm relaxed voice when reading your self hypnosis script.


Step 1: Record The Beginning

Allow yourself to get comfortable…and you may choose to close your eyes, gently….. Take a deep breath through the nose….hold for a few seconds…. until it gets a tight in your chest and then release through the nose..

Again take a nice soothing breath in…feeling relaxed and calm….hold…calm and relaxed and gently…set that breath free…..

As you take your next relaxing breath in give the breath a colour….your colour of relaxation. Notice as it is slowly drawn deeper and deeper into your lungs…. and gently set it free…

Notice how this colour gets deeper and deeper in your lungs, your stomach and how it spreads through your fibres, tissues, muscles and bones releasing deeply soothing relaxation…calm, gentle…free.

As you continue to breath picture a dandelion plant full of seeds in front of you…..on your next out breath gently set free some of the seeds….. suspended in the air…moving deeper and deeper into space…and as they drift…. allowing yourself to drift deeper and deeper too…. that’s right deeper and deeper … secure, … distant….. relaxed, ….. and notice how with every calming, soothing out breath….. you can…. release the tensions of the day.

As you continue to become more calm and relaxed you don’t need to consciously listen because your unconscious mind is already listening…learning what it needs, never forgetting to remember what it needs to remember, remembering to forget what is does not need to remember and forgetting to remember what it needs to forget....your conscious mind is listening in and so allow your mind to wonder wherever it chooses…hear what it wants to hear… feeling free…calm …relaxed as I continue to talk

Step 2: Record The Treatment Next

Record self hypnosis script here....... Choose the treatment you would like to record from the list below.

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Anger
  • Drug Addiction
  • Gambling (just added)
  • Self Confidence
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Weight Management

Finally Step 3: Record this section once you have added in the treatment script

I will leave a few moments to enjoy those calming feelings... allowing the feeling of calmness to grow as you allow yourself to notice how calm, confident and ready you are to make those changes….to allow a new you... to begin………in a moment I will count back from 10 to 1 and at 1 you will return to the room feeling refreshed, calm and confident… ready to resume your day and a new way of being…


Ok 10…….

9 …. slowly starting to return to the room……..

8 becoming more aware of yourself………

7 …. feeling more alert……..

6 …. my voice is louder……

5 becoming aware of your surroundings….starting to surface now

4 ……perhaps a little yawn and a stretch

3 ……. nearly there

2 eyes ready to open

1 and back ready to use your day…Take a moment to adjust and when you are ready you can carry on with your day.


Self hypnosis scripts will help you make changes but you have to listen to them regularly and allow change to take place instead of expecting instant changes.

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