Myalgia treatment with Hypnosis


Myalgia is a condition with a range of symptoms that can often be debilitating, frustrating and life limiting. Despite this, your condition can be managed in such a way that the typical symptoms of any myalgic condition can be reduced and also the frequency and the extent of the flare ups can be reduced to manageable levels. This process takes time, practise and a readiness to challenge your current experience of your condition. Hypnosis can help to alleviate many of those symptoms and allow you to have a greater life experience.

After over a decade of supporting patients with various myalgic condition, both as a Sheffield hypnotherapist and a support worker I have established a longstanding history of working with myalgia and its associated conditions including ME and fibromyalgia.

Using your skills at managing your condition and my experience of symptom management and a range of specialist therapeutic tools I can support you to support you to work to make your condition as manageable as possible.


Can hypnosis help me deal with lack of quality sleep and help me deal with feeling tired all the time?

Hypnosis can support you by helping you get better quality sleep. Lack of quality rest impacts on both your physical and mental health. Sleep is essential to grow stamina, confidence and allow any repairs that your body needs to undertake. I can support you to develop a useful sleep regime which can allow the symptoms to reduce.


Can hypnosis and hypnotherapy help me deal with my feelings about my Myalgia?

Hypnotherapy can also help you to better manage how you feel. Hypnosis and the many other talking therapies which I can offer will allow you to develop coping strategies and offer personal development to better manage your condition. AS I work with you I will help you to manage any underlying anxiety and panic better, I will support you to recognise and manage stress and ultimately to have a more confidence about your condition, around others and about dealing with new and existing situations. I will also help you to develop assertiveness techniques and communication techniques so that you are better able to express your needs and feelings. Together these tools will help you get better control of you life and so alleviate any symptoms which stem form those around you and situations which you have to deal with., manage any stress or anxiety and develop a more positive approach to your condition. By using a combination of techniques including hypnosis I can also support you to be more accepting of your health. By adopting this positive approach you will be able to function more effectively, with reduced your anxiety, and a reduced feeling of frustration. By adopting this new approach your actual symptoms are much more likely to reduce to a level that they are perfectly manageable.


Can I learn self hypnosis to mange my condition independently?

As part of your hypnotherapy treatment I will teach you self hypnosis to help manage any pain and any other symptoms. By learning visualisation techniques you will have the stand alone skills to be able to encourage better healing, furthermore you will be able to experience those symptoms in a much more positive and useful way and again over time as you practise these techniques you will make your symptoms more manageable.

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