Dave Kneeshaw

An important part of your treatment is being comfortable with your therapist. So this section should enable you to virtually meet your therapist. I have been working in the field of supporting people to make key changes in their lives for over a decade now and continue to offer specialist support to deal with some of the most complex issues affecting people today. I find great satisfaction and fulfilment in supporting people to reach their potential, grow in confidence and use their natural talents to live life on their terms.

Throughout my life I have worked with a huge range of issues and specialise in the more demanding issues where change has the most dramatic effects on people's life experiences.

Just as I ask and support my clients to change I also use my own experiences to change my practice and so I continue to study, evolve and develop as a practitioner despite over a decade of working within this field. I have worked with a huge range of conditions both using hypnosis and the many therapeutic tools and approaches I have gained experience with throughout my career.
My hypnotherapy specialisms are listed below but here are some examples of the work in practice. A common outcome of my work with confidence is clients asking for pay rises or going for new jobs and promotions after years in the same role.

  • On a related note a client came to me to support him with a height phobia. He had been to an interview, got the job and only then did he find out it would involve working at height - this phobia had been cured during his notice period. I supported a client find a healthy sleep regime. This simple issue was having massive impact on health, mental health and relationships

  • Very recently a client reported a £10,000 pay rise after gaining a promotion.

  • One client came to me for anxiety, having had all the treatments the doctor could offer over two decades. Six months later her husband was referred to me by her because she had found it so effective. She reports that she no longer had any anxiety related medication.

What are my key qualifications?

  • DipH (Diploma in hypnotherapy)n
  • DipNLP and HC (Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotic Coaching)
  • HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma)
  • Certified Clinical Auricular Acupuncturist
  • Core Competency Certificate in Substance Misuse (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioner)

What is my professional experience?

I am an addictions specialist and continue to work part time within the field of substance misuse. I have worked previously in rehabilitation centres, hospitals and secure units, working with a range of complex conditions. I have worked with clients conditions which included anxiety, self esteem, confidence, bi polar, depression, phobias, self harm, eating disorders, control issues and grief alongside severe psychotic conditions, I have also worked with vulnerable children.

What are my professional links?

National Council for Hypnotherapy register:
Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Professional Support

I regularly attend group supervision meetings for personal development and further training. I share learning with colleagues in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.


What are my specialist areas?

Addictions including drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviours like gambling and shopping, Anxiety, Confidence and Self Esteem, Stress management, Weight management and all food issues, and Phobias.


The first time you meet me

A good therapist should make a comprehensive assessment of your therapeutic needs to develop a plan for lasting change. I usually spend 90 minutes with a client to establish a full understanding of your needs and use this time to begin the process of becoming self sufficient.


Where will you meet me

Your sessions will take place in a Sheffield, S10 private consulting room or on Skype any where in the world. I have worked via Skype in USA, Australia, China mainland Europe and throughout the UK. I have also successfully used Skype to support clients locally with severe social phobia.

I hope you have enjoyed this opportunity to "meet your therapist"

If you have any other questions please contact me on:

Call or text on: 07981 974 796
Email: Dave@positive-hypnosis.info


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